The main content of stainless steel coil is introduced?


​The main content of the stainless steel coil is introduced? Formed coils are mainly hot-rolled coils and cold-rolled coils. Hot rolled coil is the processed product before the recrystallization of the steel billet. Cold rolled coil is the subsequent processing of hot rolled coil. The general weight of the steel coil is about 15-30T. my country's hot rolling production capacity has been continuously expanded. There are already dozens of hot rolling production lines, and some projects are about to start construction or put into production.

The sale of steel coils in coils is mainly aimed at large customers. Generally, users do not have uncoiler equipment or have limited consumption. Therefore, the subsequent processing of steel coils will be a promising industry. Of course, the larger steel mills currently have their own decoiling and leveling projects.


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