Several polishing methods of stainless steel pipes


Stainless steel pipes are still used a lot in our lives. In the production process of products, they need to be polished. Generally, there are the following three types of polishing methods, which are related to their respective advantages and operation steps. Therefore, you should pay attention when choosing a polishing method. Next, we will briefly understand several different polishing methods of stainless steel pipes.

1. Mechanical polishing: The advantage of this method is that the flatness of the product after processing is better and the brightness is higher.

2. Chemical polishing: Its advantages are that the investment in processing equipment is relatively small, the production efficiency is relatively high, and the anti-corrosion performance is also good.

3. Electrochemical polishing: Its advantages are that the mirror gloss is maintained for a long time, the process is stable, the pollution is less, the cost is low, and the corrosion resistance is good.


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